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Sonnen Plans Atlanta Headquarters For US Residential Battery Storage Systems

Sonnen, a battery company based in Germany, is planning to open a new innovation hub in Atlanta as part of its mission to become a supplier of residential storage batteries in America. “Sonnen’s announcement to move to a single, centralized InnovationHub represents our deep commitment to the U.S. market and the opportunity this region represents for Sonnen,” said Christoph Ostermann, CEO and co-founder. “This investment is the next logical step in Sonnen’s growth journey in support of a renewable and clean energy future for all.”


“Clean and affordable energy for everyone is the biggest challenge of our time. If we succeed to free our energy production from carbon-based emissions within the next ten years we will not only protect our environment but also our economical and political freedom,” the company’s website says.

The Sonnen residential battery differs in several important respects from other products on the market. It features the safest electrical storage option available — lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo) battery chemistry. LiFePo chemistry eliminates the risk of fire or explosion associated with traditional lithium ion batteries.

The Sonnen residential battery is available in a variety of sizes from 4 kWh all the way up to 16 kWh in 2 kWh increments. That allows homeowners to select exactly the size battery needed and electrical contractors the flexibility to design a system that meets the customer’s precise requirements. The Sonnen battery comes in an appealing package that makes it suitable for installation in living areas. It is a self contained, fully featured, AC coupled system that has the inverter, automatic transfer switch, central processing system, and all software built-in for ease of installation and service.

Sonnen’s all in one design means one warranty covers the entire system. It also means there is no complex external wiring required to connect various ancillary components as typified by the installation seen in the photo to the right.

“At Sonnen, it’s not about creating the cheapest product or selling thousands of units right away. It’s about creating solutions that make residential energy storage work right now and for the future. With the InnovationHub, we can continue to create the best and longest lasting solutions for homeowners who are serious about their energy futures,” says Blake Richetta, vice president of sales for Sonnen.

The Sonnen residential battery storage system utilizes intelligent energy management software that makes it adaptable to the homeowner’s individual needs. It is an expandable, which means it permits greater capacity to be seamless integrated at any time in the future.

For instance, if a plug-in hybrid or electric car is added to the household, battery capacity can be increased to keep the automobile fully charged while still meeting all the electrical needs of the household.

Energy storage allows time shifting for homes with rooftop solar systems. Electricity created by sunlight during the day is stored until needed later when utility rates are highest. It also creates the possibility of disconnecting from the grid entirely and never paying a utility bill again.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly about Sonnen.

Image credits: Sonnen Battery



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