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Sunshine Maintenance Plan

Maximize your solar system

• Ensure peak performance with our all-inclusive maintenance package. Our services cover every detail from yearly diagnostics to expert panel cleaning, tailored enhancements, and continuous monitoring, all designed to optimize your system's output.


Personalize customer profile

• We create and updated your profile for customized service experiences, ensuring solutions are specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Detailed system documentation

• Comprehensive recording of all system components and site conditions to maintain high standards of service and performance.

Annual system diagnostics

• Conduct thorough diagnostics to guarantee your system is performing optimally, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy production.

Professional panel cleaning

• Regular expert cleaning services to maintain panel efficiency and prolong system life.


Warranty claim assistance

• Handle all manufacturer equipment warranty claims efficiently, reducing downtime and hassle.

Defined performance targets

• Establish clear production goals based on detailed system assessments to enhance accountability and predictability.

Ongoing performance monitoring

• Continuously track your system's performance with state-of-the-art monitoring technology to ensure it meets expected outputs.

Exclusive discounts

• Enjoy special rates on labor, equipment, and materials as part of our commitment to affordable solar maintenance.


Expert recommendations

• Receive professional advice to further improve system output and efficiency, helping you make the most of your solar investment.

Annual report

• Get a detailed annual report on your system's performance to keep you informed and ahead of any maintenance needs.

Affordable plans starting at $395/year

• Begin with our cost-effective maintenance plans priced from just $395 per year, ensuring top-tier care and performance optimization for your solar system without breaking the bank.

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