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Clean, diagnose, repair, we do it all in-house!

SOLAR System
Repair Services

Local Solar System Services

Like any other major equipment purchase, proper maintenance and service is key to a products longevity. The same goes for new and old solar systems, and that is why Pacific Sun Technologies is happy to offer homeowners peace of mind when they own a solar system that is no longer covered by their installer.


A trained technician will troubleshoot your solar system and pinpoint the problems for repair.


If your solar equipment is still under the manufacture warranty we can process a claim for replacement.


When solar inverter stops working you stop generating clean energy, we can fix that with a new Tesla inverter. 





Power One Inverter
Fronius Inverter
Enphase Energy Micro Inverters
Pika Energy Battery
ABB Aurora One Inverter
SolarEdge Solar Inverter and Optimizers
SMA America Inverter
Solar Panels Technicians

System Diagnostics

  • System Diagnostics

    • Through assessment of your solar modules, optimizers or inverter we can identify any issues affecting its performance.​

  • Expert Repair Services​

    • Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of solar system issues, from minor repairs to complete equipment replacements.

  • Replacement Options​

    • Seamless and timely inverter replacement if repairs are not cost-effective or if the inverter has reached the end of its lifespan and is no longer under the manufacture warranty.​

Solar Inverter Upgrade

  • Energy Efficiency Boost

    • Upgrading to a more advanced solar inverter model  can enhance your overall energy production.

  • Enhanced Monitoring and Control

    • Implementation of advanced monitoring systems, allowing you to track energy production and system performance in real-time.​

  • Warranty Protection

    • Inclusion of a warranty for the new inverter, providing coverage for potential issues and peace of mind.​

  • Seamless Installation

    • Professional and efficient installation services to minimize downtime during the upgrade process.​


Solar Warranty Claim

  • Thorough Documentation Collection

    • Handling the gathering and organizing​ of all necessary documents, photos, and testing measurements.

  • Timely Claim Submission

    • Efficient and prompt submission of the warranty claim to the manufacture or warranty provider.​

  • Regular Updates

    • Providing regular updates on the status of your warranty claim, keeping you informed at every step of the process.​

  • Repair or Replacement Coordination

    • Organization and coordination of necessary repairs or replacements covered by the warranty.​

Certified Solar Technicians

Whatever the make or model of your solar panels and inverter, Pacific Sun Technologies specializes in conducting routine assessments, panel cleaning, and vigilant monitoring of your solar equipment. Our goal is to optimize your clean energy production through expert repairs.

American flag pole Suburban Ranch style home with solar panel on roof residential neighbor
Power One Inverter
Fronius Inverter
ABB Aurora One Inverter
Enphase Energy Micro Inverters
Pika Energy Battery
SMA America Inverter
SolarEdge Solar Inverter and Optimizers

Speak with an Expert

Find out how our solar service plans meet your specific needs, address any concerns and ensure your solar system operates at its best!

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