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Next generation energy storage

• The Tesla Powerwall 3 features cutting-edge battery technology, designed to store excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours, ensuring power availability during the evenings or on cloudy days. Its advanced chemistry provides enhanced efficiency and longer life cycles.


Enhanced power capacity

• With significantly higher energy capacity compared to previous models, the Powerwall 3 delivers ample electricity to support critical home energy needs, enabling households to stay powered during outages and reduce reliance on traditional power grids.


Seamless integration

• Designed for easy integration with solar systems and home automation networks, the Powerwall 3 works in harmony with your existing installations. Its smart software optimizes energy use based on consumption patterns and external energy rates.

Comprehensive warranty and support

• Tesla supports the Powerwall with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring peace of mind through yours of consistent, trouble-free energy storage and backup, coupled with responsive customer service.

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