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11.5kW Level 2 Charging

Enphase IQ EV Charger

The IQ 60 EV Charger is a smart and reliable Level 2 charging station, providing energy management and custom scheduling using the Enphase App. When integrated with the Enphase Energy System, additional features allow you to charge your EV with excess solar energy.

Starting at $2,128.50 installed.

11.5kW Level 2 Charging

WallBox Pulsar Plus 

EV Charger

The WallBox Pulsar Plus offers the best of both small size and powerful performance for faster electric vehicle charging at home. Design for easy installation, Pulsar Plus can charge any electric vehicle on the market today. Home charging is simple and efficient with the integrated myWallBox app.

Starting at $1,528.50 installed.

Charge ANY Electric Vehicle

No matter what type of electric vehicle you drive, Enphase can keep it charged by installing one of their Level 2 charging stations at your home, and in some cases without needing an electrical panel upgrade.

Plugging into an EV to Charge
ChargePoint Auto

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