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Hetero-junction cell technology

• A hetero-junction cell combines all the advantages of a crystalline and thin-film solar technologies in a single hybrid structure. This provides one of the most effective cell passivations on the market for high power and efficiency - even in hot climates and when the sun shines strongest.


Advanced gapless cell connections

• REC's gapless, solder-free cell connection technology provides protection from thermal stress during production for improved quality. Specially-developed with more than 1600 contact points per cell, REC Alpha cells dramatically improve current flow to produce even more power! The gapless cell connections means the cells slightly overlap to eliminate the space between them increasing power density and achieving a higher efficiency while keeping the panel compact.  


Super strong frame

• With its distinctive frame, including two support bars across the rear, REC Alpha panels are able to withstand loads, e.g., snow, of up to 7000 Pa, making them stronger and more robust than competitive products. The innovative frame protects against deformation, increasing reliability and long-term high power.

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