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Clean, diagnose, repair, we do it all in-house!

Residential Solar Service Plans

Like any other major equipment purchase, proper maintenance and service is key to a products longevity. The same goes for new and old solar systems, and that is why Pacific Sun Technologies is happy to offer homeowners peace of mind when they own a solar system that is no longer covered by their installer.


Depending on how old your system is and where you live you may only need service once a year.


Large roof mounted or ground mounted solar systems need extra time and care spent on them.


Ideal for homeowners looking to maximize their solar investment with bi-annual cleaning and checkups.


Complete Solar System Service

Typically 2.5 hours | $140 service call charge + $20 per panel

You can request for one of our trained technicians to contact you by phone or email and provide you with a custom estimate for your home and solar system. During our visit the technician will clean your panels, inspect every part of the solar modules, inspect the roof where the solar is installed and all solar penetrations. Our technician will run diagnostics on your system inverter to ensure your system operating at the correct voltages and amperages. You will receive a full system diagnostics report at the end of the service. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Typically 1.5 hours | $140 service call charge + $5 per panel

Solar panel cleaning is an essential service for any solar system. Dirty panels produce less electricity than clean panels. Pacific Sun technologies is available to clean your solar array anywhere in Southern California. As party of our service perform a basic visual inspection of solar array to ensure there are no broken panels.




LG Solar Panels
Power One Inverter
Fronius Inverter
Enphase Energy Micro Inverters
Pika Energy Battery
ABB Aurora One Inverter
SolarEdge Solar Inverter and Optimizers
SMA America Inverter

Solar Inverter Diagnostics and Repair

Typically 1 hour | $140 service call charge + $70 per hour

Having issues with your solar system is never a good thing. You can request for one of our trained technicians to inspect your solar inverter and modules to determine what the issue might be and prepare an estimate for the repair if it's not cover under the manufacture warranty. 

Home Energy Monitoring

Typically 1 hour | Starting at $299

Every electrical device has a unique electronic signature - its own voice. The Sense home energy monitor listens to those voices through specially developed current transformer sensors we install inside your electrical panel. With advanced machine learning algorithms the Sense energy monitor is able to distinguish each appliance from one another. This helps you understand your energy usage and what you can do to reduce your utility bills. 

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