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Important Self-Generation Incentive Program Update

Here's some recent news regarding the upcoming 2017 California residential incentive for energy storage, or SGIP.

The planned reopening of SGIP for energy storage applicants is projected to occur mid-April. Once reopened, SGIP will reserve 75% of its incentive funds for energy storage projects; 15% of that will be reserved for residential energy storage projects less than or equal to 10kW in size. On the day the program reopens, the incentive level for residential energy storage systems will be set at 50 cent/watt-hour. As you may recall, the 2016 opening of SGIP had an overwhelmingly high demand. We expect this year to be similar in that demand will exceed the amount of available funding for incentives at that level very quickly. Therefore we expect incentive levels to decrease shortly after SGIP reopens, likely to 40 cents/watt-hour for residential energy storage systems. If the 40 cents/watt-hour incentive level is also met with high demand and exceeds budgeted funding within 10 days, then the incentive level for residential energy storage systems will decrease further.

We will be updating this blog post as information continues to come in.


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