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Home Energy Monitor Comparison: Smappee, Sense, and CURB

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Energy Monitors Comparison

Whether or not you’ve made the decision to go solar, knowing exactly where your electricity is used can help you save on energy bills by identifying areas to lower your consumption. That’s where home energy monitoring devices come in. These devices use various monitoring technologies to measure your electricity usage and present them in a simple, actionable manner. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult for consumers to choose the best monitor for their needs.

We’ve broken down three of our favorites - Smappee, Sense, and Curb - to help you better understand how they can help you track your energy usage.


  • Price: $249 (Basic), $349 (Solar-Compatible), Additional Accessories Available

  • Returns: 30 Days for Full Refund

  • Smartphone/Tablet App, Web Portal

The Smappee energy monitor detects appliances in your home and provides real-time information about energy consumption straight to your smartphone or tablet. By providing information on the standby power consumption and the “energy-guzzlers” in your home, Smappee promises up to 30% savings on your energy bill.

Smappee home monitoring

Installing the device is relatively simple. The clip on Smappee sensor can be connected to your fuse box without an electrician, though homeowners who are less comfortable working with a fuse box may prefer to hire an electrician for the job. The device then analyzes the measured current and detects the energy signatures left by appliances turning on and off. The company does warn that Smappee may not pick up on all devices, particularly those that use little energy or consume energy in variable ways, such as computers.

Smappee also offers a solar energy monitor, which tracks the production of your solar panels in addition to providing the energy usage information that the standard monitor does. The Smappee Plus model comes in at a higher price point, and can t