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Who's #1 in the USA?

Hey everyone, Dale here with Pacific Sun Technologies. Today I want to talk about the top 3 solar panel manufactures in the united states currently, QCells, LG Solar, and Panasonic. But before I get to it, please be sure to subscribe to the channel and like this video if you find it helpful.

When you’re considering solar it can be easy to overlook such an important part of your purchase, especially if your salesperson focuses solely on kilowatt-hours, savings or monthly payment.

Because without solar panels you can’t harness sunlight and convert it into a usable form of energy, and if you end up with some random cheap panel well your investment just went to shit then.

You’d be surprised at how many different solar modules and manufactures are out there, and the prices range greatly.

I’m starting with QCells because they’re current ranked #1 in the united states for residential PV, with over 27% of the market share.

Now, we are a QCells Q.Partner and they are the #1 selling module for us too, but we’re just one company, to be ranked #1 nationwide with 27% market share, you must be doing something right and they are. QCells is a German engineered module, they were a German company too when they opened their doors in 1999.

They refer to their patented technology as Quantum Cells, and not the Quantum computing you’re thinking of, but a spinoff of P-E-R-C, or Passivated Emitter Rear Cell technology.

PERC allows for the passivation of a solar cells rear side, which involves installing a reflective layer designed to capture previously unused sunlight back into the cell where it can be converted into solar electricity. This Quantum technology supercharges ordinary solar cells and modules.

To achieve a rear reflection QCell applies a special nano coating to the rear surfaces of quantum cells that functions much like a typical household mirror. As rays of sunlight pass through the silicon cell they reflect back because of the special nano-coating and then get absorbed a second time.

This technology is commonly used between all top three manufactures, but they all do it in their own special way. Some other design advantages to QCell solar panels that sometimes gets over looked is their patented half-cell technology.

Just about every solar manufacture besides QCells has 60-cell solar panels, that means there are 60 squares of silicon, Qcell cut all the cells in half, to create a 120-cell solar panel.

They also increased the number of busbars used to allow electricity to flow through the cells from the industry standard of four to six. The combination of a half-cell and 6 busbar design results in a higher output of energy with greater efficiency.

Qcell also uses wire interconnection rather than flat ribbons because they found that it help reduces shading effects inside the modules and increased the power. When you look at the technology behind the QCells you’ll see an increase in performance of 13.5 percent in real world applications.

The best part about all this, is QCell is a Fortune 500 company with over 300 billion dollars in assets and resources making them a very stable company. And to top it off, they built a facility in Atlanta Georgia to manufacture their newest G6 modules here in the United States. They are committed to the renewable sector and provide customers with an amazing product at an affordable price.