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Powerful solar and battery technology for your home!

Unlike a lease or solar power purchase agreement, when you purchase your solar from Pacific Sun Technologies you can still claim the federal tax credit of 30% and benefit from your solar panels and battery adding value to your home.

Solar panels we offer:

Solar inverters we offer:

Solar batteries we offer:

The solar technology we offer our customers is considered to be the best in the industry. You can be rest peacefully knowing we've vetted each manufacture and product for you to ensure that each component of your system will live up to our expectations.


Our customers have a huge advantage by gaining access to competitive solar financing.

  • $0 down - start saving money immediately by switching to solar with storage with no upfront costs.

  • Flexible payment terms up-to 25-years. 

  • Solar Tax Credit - the 30% tax credit still exists, and you can apply it to your loan to reduce your monthly solar payment. 


  • No middle-man, we doing everything in-house.

  • Trained and certified team of solar professionals.

  • In-house design, engineering, permitting, project management and installation.

  • Considered one of the best local solar installation companies from varies cities and partners.


Pacific Sun Technologies is a certified partner with each manufacture, so you receive enhanced warranties that give you complete coverage and peace of mind.

  • 25-year workmanship warranty

  • 25-year roof penetrations warranty

  • 25-year solar inverter warranty

  • 25-year solar panel warranty

  • 25-year performance warranty

  • 25-year racking warranty

  • 10-year battery warranty

Ask about the California Self Generation Incentive Battery Rebate - Call Today (951) 308-1800

Learn More About Us:

Pacific Sun Technologies stands out as an industry leader committed to navigating recent changes in the solar energy sector. With over a decade of experience, the company has consistently demonstrated resilience, innovation, and a dedication to providing state-of-the-art solar services to consumers.


Adapting to Changing Industry Landscape:

In response to recent developments in solar energy credits, Pacific Sun Technologies acknowledges the shift from retail credits to Avoid Cost Calculation (ACC) credits for homeowners transitioning to solar. This change has impacted the cost-saving benefits of solar energy adoption in California. However, the company reassures its customers that it is fully prepared to mitigate the effects by implementing innovative strategies and solutions.


Comprehensive Offerings for Homeowners:

Despite these changes, Pacific Sun Technologies remains committed to helping homeowners achieve their goal of reducing their electric bills to zero. By offering solar systems and battery installations, the company is uniquely positioned to facilitate this transition. With expertise in both areas, Pacific Sun Technologies provides end-to-end services, including design, permitting, state rebate applications, and system installations.


Training and Resource Enhancement for NEM 3:

Pacific Sun Technologies recognizes the importance of adapting to new regulations and has prioritized training and resource enhancement. All staff members, including administrative personnel, installation crews, and sales representatives, are kept updated with the latest information on the new Solar Billing Program (NEM 3). This proactive approach ensures that customers receive accurate and reliable guidance.


Attractive Incentives for Solar Adoption:

Despite industry changes, solar energy remains an appealing proposition due to various incentives. Pacific Sun Technologies highlights the federal tax credit for solar, which has been updated under the Inflation Reduction Act to include batteries. This tax credit has been extended until December 31, 2032. Additionally, the state of California has revitalized the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP battery rebate), significantly reducing the net system cost for homeowners.


Navigating the Solar Landscape with Pacific Sun Technologies:

As a trusted industry player for over a decade, Pacific Sun Technologies has provided renewable energy solutions to a vast number of Americans. The company proudly partners with major solar manufacturers such as Tesla, Enphase Energy, Canadian SolarEP Cube, and Franklin Whole Home. With a focus on superior services, workmanship, and warranties, Pacific Sun Technologies offers comprehensive solutions throughout the solar system installation process.



1. Retaining value for solar customers under California NEM 3.0 rule change

2. Solar Billing Plan - Southern California Edison

3. Solar Billing Plan - San Diego Gas & Electric

REC Alpha series solar panel installation

Terms and Conditions

Financing is available on approved credit and is subject to lender approval. Rates may vary depending on the lender of choice. The installation guarantee is valid on solar system installations only, any services outside the solar installation are not included in the guarantee, this includes but is not limited to; battery installation, main electrical panel upgrades, utility oversight, permitting, homeowner association approval, inspections, and net energy metering approval. Your personal information is never distributed or sold to anyone. You can opt-out of communications at anytime. View our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

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