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Pacific Sun Technologies Solar Battery Systems, San Diego

Cut down the high electricity bills by investing in free and inexhaustible renewable energy. At Pacific Sun Technologies, we work within your budget and help you maximize the solar potential of your home. Our solar programs in San Diego help you: 

Take charge of your home and energy.

Go solar with batteries using affordable financing.

Choose solutions that are reliable and lasting.

Store and use energy during power outages.

Save money by switching to clean renewable energy

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I M M E D I A T E L Y. 

$0 upfront costs | No hidden fees | Upfront pricing with no obligations

Pacific Sun Technologies is a solar company that offers financing programs that allow homeowners to go solar with batteries with zero upfront cost and none of the hidden fees that other companies charge. 


Solar Panels

Solar Services

Looking for a cost-effective way to power your home? With the help of Pacific Sun Technologies, you can ditch the traditional power grid and start creating your own energy.


Our solar company in San Diego, CA, offers full end-to-end solar solutions from start to finish.

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Battery Storage

Store the excess power in the solar batteries. Optimizing your energy savings will help you in emergencies.

Be prepared for power outages, either due to extreme weather conditions or unexpected grid shut-off. Power up your home with Pacific Sun Technologies.

Brown Roof


Did you know that the right kind of roof can help you make your home energy efficient and also save thousands of dollars spent on electricity bills?

With our roofing services in San Diego, CA, you can make your home energy-efficient and reliable year round.

Solar Panel Home

Energy Star

Just one provider for all your energy saving home improvement projects. Leverage our Solar, Roofing, and Battery Storage Solutions under one roof.

Get the Energy Star advantage because you deserve the best of everything. Create your savings ecosystem.

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Greener Future with Intelligent Choices

  • Make an informed decision to invest in solar energy and limited your dependency on the utility grid.

  • Generate and store energy and save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills every year.

  • Take the initiative and help make your planet cleaner and greener with the best solar company in San Diego, CA.

  • Investing in clean energy means you make the planet greener for you and your family.

  • Boost the value of your home in Riverside by an average of $15,000.

Premium Roofs for Conscious Dwellers

  • Consult with our experts and update your roof design with a 25-year limited lifetime warranty.

  • Invest in the right roofing and make your home more energy-efficient.

  • Save money on electricity bills and simultaneously boost the curb appeal and the market value of your home.

  • Leverage the multiple financing options with our solar panel installation company in San Diego, CA.

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Charge Up! Power Up!

  • Never be left in the dark during power outages.

  • Optimize your energy savings and be prepared for emergencies.

  • Get unparalleled security and dependability with solar backup.

  • With Pacific Sun Technologies battery installers, San Diego, CA, get emergency power at your service whenever you need it.

  • Save big by using cheaper power during peak times. Dodge those pesky peak rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Class

Pacific Sun is a wonderful company! Dale was so informative and never "pushed" a sale on us, which I appreciate! He was always there to answer any questions we had and his team of installers were timely, neat and we hardly knew they were there! Would highly recommend this company! Honest, ethical and always very friendly!

- Joanna O.



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