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What is Solar Energy

Solar energy has been growing in popularity since we first began to realize how limited the world's natural resources actually are. However, many people are still unsure exactly what solar energy is. Solar energy is very simple to understand. The sun generates radiation that is projected onto the planet and either reflected back into space or absorbed. This radiation is very powerful. It can cause harm in large doses, but it is mostly beneficial. This radiation is responsible for warming the planet and creating rain through evaporation. Solar radiation is also responsible for other weather patterns and the formation of fossil fuels. Without solar radiation, the planet would not be able to sustain life.

What is Solar Energy

How Does Solar Energy Actually Work?

Solar power is limitless. It is mass-produced every day by the sun. Science has led to the development of solar cells that can be used to absorb solar radiation and convert it into usable energy and electricity. Photovoltaic solar cells are made up of unique materials that react to sunlight by creating small sparks of electricity. These sparks can be channeled into an electric grid and used to power homes and businesses. There are many unique and complicated ways in which to create solar cells and use solar energy. Discovering how to use this technology is going to greatly effect how we evolve as a species when fossil fuels become too scarce.

How Is Solar Energy Beneficial?

Solar energy is beneficial in many ways. It is beneficial for the environment and for homeowners alike. Solar energy can reduce the average homeowner's electric bill by over half. Using solar power also reduces the waste of fossil fuels. There are plenty of ways to use solar energy. For instance, passive solar energy is a term used to describe any non-mechanical uses of solar power. This can be something as simple as placing the windows in a home so that heat is generated indoors. This reduces the need for an electric or gas heating system. This lowers the cost of living in the home and also preserves energy. Photovoltaic energy involves mechanical devices, such as solar panels. This is where we need to focus our attention. Converting solar radiation into electricity is something that may one day eliminate the need for fossil fuels entirely.

Why Solar Power Is Better Than Oil And Coal?

Fossil fuels have been around for ages. This is the main source of energy used by modern society. Fossil fuels are used to power vehicles, heat homes and even run manufacturing businesses. The economy is very dependent on fossil fuels. However, this energy source is limited. It would be better for the world at large to convert to solar energy. Solar power is limitless and can be used in many ways that oil and coal cannot. Also, fossil fuels create pollution. Pollution is destroying the environment and can even lead to serious health risks. Solar power is the obvious solution to many of the world's problems.


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