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VW's 'affordable' electric car to be offered in 3 battery configurations starting at ~$3

VW is expected to launch an electric vehicle based on the I.D. concept, the VW Neo, next year. It is expected to be the Volkswagen Group’s first mass-market ‘affordable’ electric car.

The vehicle is expected to be offered in 3 different battery pack configurations based on the MEB platform and will start at around $30,000, according to a new report.

Before even unveiling the concept in 2016, VW announced that it would beat the Model 3 and Model X in electric range by misrepresenting the NEDC-rated range of the Model 3.

Last year, VW claimed that it will have a NEDC-rated range of “400 to 600 km” (~250 to 375 miles) depending on the battery pack configuration.

Now Christian Senger, VW’s Head of Product Line for E-Mobility, updated the numbers based on the more accurate WLTP range via Auto Express:

According to previous reports, that entry-level version is expected to start at around 25,000 euros (~$30,000 USD).

Senger added about the longer range version:

Following their conversation with Senger, Auto Express says that the vehicle will be slightly longer than the VW Golf.

It will be offered with 7.2 kW and 11 kW onboard chargers for level 2 charging and the DC fast-charging capability will support a charge rate up to 125 kW.

The timing of the release of the vehicle has always been murky. VW previously mentioned both 2019 and 2020, but now Auto Express says that it should be “revealed” in the last quarter of 2019.

As we reported earlier this month, VW is planning a capacity of 100,000 electric cars per year at its Zwickau plant, its first plant to go electric and to produce the company’s new MED-based electric vehicles.



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