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Top 5 Reasons to Shop for Solar in the Winter

More and more homeowners are discovering the financial benefits of solar and installing solar energy systems on their property, but what many people don’t realize that winter is actually the best time to start shopping for solar. Here are the top five reasons why homeowners should start shopping for solar in the winter.

1. Winter is the slow season for solar, so you can get a better deal

Summer is the busiest time of year for most installers. During the slower winter months, some installers may offer seasonal deals to bring in new customers. And if you’re comparing your installation options, you will almost certainly get more quotes from more installers if you register your property in the winter, simply because fewer homeowners are shopping. Plus, by shopping during the slow season, you’ll have the added benefit of finding an installer who can devote more time to your project.

2. Your solar panels generate plenty of electricity in the winter

Some homeowners start shopping for solar in the summer because they think that solar panels don’t make electricity in the winter. However, your solar panels can generate power year round. If you install your solar energy system in the winter, you can enjoy the financial benefits of solar as soon as your panels are connected. Plus, like most electronics, solar panels actually operate more efficiently when it’s cold outside.

3. Financial incentives are disappearing sooner than you think

If you’re considering solar now, you shouldn’t wait until the spring to start the shopping process. As solar becomes more popular, many states and municipalities are reducing their solar incentives. Some utilities are also changing the way they compensate new solar homeowners for their excess solar power. Since it takes a few months to install a solar energy system, getting a head start by shopping in the winter will ensure that you get in the queue before next summer’s big rush.

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4. Installing solar panels doesn’t happen overnight

For the average solar shopper, it can take anywhere from three to six months to get their solar panels up and running once they decide to go solar. If you wait until the beginning of the summer to start shopping, your solar energy system might not be up and running until the end of the year. Review a quote from us and schedule a free site visit now to ensure that your panels will be ready to go by the time spring comes around.

5. Installers actually like installing solar panels when it’s winter

If you’ve ever been up on a hot roof in the middle of the summer, you’ll understand why solar companies don’t mind installing solar panels in cold weather. Lots of sunshine is great for solar power, but it can also result in uncomfortably hot conditions for installers working on your roof. As long as there’s no snow or ice on your roof, your solar panels can be installed at any point in the year. Once your panels are online, all you need is a roof rake to clear them off after heavy snow.

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