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This device will make your​ sprinkler the smartest on the block!

Elgato is has made good on a new product offering announced in late 2017, and it is poised to be the most versatile HomeKit enabled product for outdoor living enthusiasts. The appropriately named "Eve Aqua" is simple in concept but packed with features that can adapt perfectly to specific outdoor watering needs or desires.

What is it?

The Eve Aqua is at its basic an electrically operated open/close valve that screws on to your existing hose bib outside. This is where its simplicity ends. With Apples HomeKit platform baked directly into the product, users can control their water directly from their iPhone via the Home application or the Elgato Eve application. In addition, the user can use their voice by evoking Siri to control the flow of water or even created schedules or and robust automation settings to thoughtlessly water their vegetable garden.

How Does it work?

Prospective users of Eve Aqua will simply screw the device onto their existing hose bib outside of their home. Then utilize an iPhone to set schedules or automation controls to operate the device.


-HomeKit compatible -IPX4 Water Resistant (designed to live outside) -UV Protection (designed to live outside) -Screw activated control valve (limits water hammering effect) -Robust scheduling and automation -Voice control -Estimated water consumption monitoring -Reasonable Price/Real World Solutions

Reasonable Price/Real World Solutions

With eve Aqua you can automate the watering of your garden or lawn at a fraction of the price to add in an irrigation system. Not to mention users would also have to pay a significant price to be able to monitor water consumption and set smart schedules through automation setups via the purchase of products like Bloom or Rachio. The eve Aqua is also the first outdoor water device to adopt Apples HomeKit platform making the product an instant value to Apple fans everywhere. Coming in at a retail price of $99.95 USD this is truly an affordable option for all of your outdoor watering needs.


the eve Aqua is available for much of Europe as well as the US and Canada for pre-order today for a very reasonable $99.95 USD and will be shipping on 6/25/18 as of this publication date. Click Here to Order


iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11.3 or later Automation and remote access require a HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad set up as a home hub.


Thread 26,5 mm / ¾ in Operating Range Pressure: Min 1 bar / Max 5 bar IPX4 Water Resistance UV Protection Power 2x AA Replaceable Batteries Wireless Connection Bluetooth Low Energy Dimensions 94 x 123 x 80 mm / 3.7 x 5.2 x 3.1 in In the Box Eve Aqua, Batteries, Tap Connector, Quick Start Guide

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