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SolarReviews Important to the Solar Energy Industry in the US

Solar Panel Installation

The launch of SolarReviews in 2012 was an important milestone for the solar power industry in the USA.

Consumers who are considering going solar in the USA have to date been forced to rely only on the experiences of a few friends and neighbors that have gone solar and the honest and integrity of the solar power company that they chose to do their job.

In the vast majority of cases solar power companies are honest, knowledgable and try and sell products that they think will work for long periods of time without issues.

However, even experienced installers do not have perfect knowledge of the hundreds of different types and brands of solar panels and solar inverters that are coming onto the market.

Also, solar is such a new industry in the US that there are very few people that could really say they have accurate knowledge of how products like solar panels will perform over 25 years.

For these reasons the feed back of thousands of people that have installed home solar power systems about both the solar power companies they used and also the specific brands of products they use is vital to the overall improvement of the industry. is the first site in the US that offers consumers the ability to review both the installers who install their solar power systems and also the specific solar panels and solar inverters that they used.

There have been other sites that have allowed consumers to review a solar installer but none that have allowed consumers to review specific brands and models of solar products as well.

This resource will become more and more useful over time as more and more consumers leave reviews. Already the site has a large number of reviews of solar power companies but will soon also offer large numbers of reviews of products.

This will help weed bad installers and products out of the industry and drive further the already very high customer satisfaction that exists in the solar power industry in America.

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