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7 Benefits of a Whole House Fan

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Whole House Fan

As the name suggests, a whole house fan can greatly reduce the temperature in an entire house. However, the model and make of the fan must be suitable for the house and its size to be effective.

A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling of the upper level of a home, so it is connected to the attic. A central location and good ventilation are all crucial to the successful operation of this system. Here are several advantages to using a whole house fan in your home.

1. Fast Operation

These fans work by pulling hot air from inside the home into the attic and then pushing outside via the ridge, dormer or gable vents. The empty space left by the hot air is filled with cool, fresh air from outside the house. Compared to a central air conditioner, a whole house fan works much faster, and you begin to feel the cooling effects in minutes. Keep in mind, a whole house fan will only work if the outside air is cooler than the air indoors.

2. Low Operating Costs

When operating a modern whole house fan, like those from QuietCool, most homeowners see there energy bill drop 50 to 90 percent. This is primarily due to the lower operating cost of the QuiteCool fan compared to an air conditioning unit.

3. Easy Installation

Installation by a professional like myself can be done in under 2 hours. QuietCool fans are built to accommodate roof trusses and attic joists, so it can actually be done with minimal cutting and framing.

4. Low Cost of the Appliance Itself

A QuietCool fan can be 10 times cheaper than a central air conditioning unit, not to mention the cost of the ductwork and installation. If you don't have extreme summer weather, a whole house fan can replace your entire air conditioning unit.

5. Removal of Stale Indoor Air

Because a whole house fan draws in air through your home and then lets it out of in the attic, your indoor air is considerably fresher. This helps remove and prevent odors and provides excellent ventilation all around the house.

6. Quiet Operation

Newer models of whole house fans like QuietCool operate very quietly, and do not emit the loud, disturbing noises associated with traditional whole house fans. You can operate a whole house fan throughout the night and enjoy a good night’s sleep even if you’re a light sleeper.

7. Reduced the Need for Air Conditioning

When you use a whole house fan, the entire house can be effectively cooled down by drawing in air from the outside. When operated during summer mornings, evenings, or nights, there is usually no need for running the air conditioner. In fact, you should not use an AC at the same time as a whole house fan, because the cool air from the air conditioner will be let out of the house and replaced by air from outside.

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