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Does your system also need a cleaning?

Solar Inverter Diagnostics

Starting at $140

Solar inveter damaged

What's included?

  • 30 minutes of diagnostics

  • Ground fault testing

  • AC/DC voltage testing

  • AC/DC amperage testing

  • Inverter fuse testing

  • Sub-string testing

Solar Inverter Replacement

Starting at $480 + equipment

What's included?

  • Replacement of existing solar inverter

  • 10-year workmanship warranty

  • 10-year inverter warranty (new)

  • Sub-string configuration

  • Monitoring when available

SMA America Sunny Boy Inverter

Enphase Energy Upgrade Program

Starting at $50 per panel

What's included?

  • Labor to upgrade existing system

  • 10-year workmanship warranty

  • Enphase equipment warranty

  • Monitoring setup with IQ Envoy

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