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11 Ways You're Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Wrong

1. You baste your turkey.

It might be tradition, but basting your bird doesn't actually result in a more moist turkey because juices poured over top don't penetrate the skin. For a bird that's really moist and flavorful, rub pats of butter (or herb butter, if you want to get extra fancy) under and on top of the turkey skin before roasting.

2. You wash your potatoes individually in the sink.

If you're cooking for a lot of people, washing potatoes can be a major time suck. But thanks to this sneaky tip, you can focus on other things while your dishwasher does all the work. Yes, your dishwasher. Just run the potatoes through rinse cycle (don't use soap!) and you'll have some squeaky clean spuds.

3. You make stuffing in one big pan.