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A Smarter Electrical Panel

Backup your home with smart solar and storage!

Span replaces the traditional electrical panel in your home with powerful smart technology that lets you manage your home energy and circuits from anywhere in the world. The Span Smart Panel is purpose-built for clean energy upgrades like solar, batteries, and electric vehicle charging.


Monitor and control home energy in real-time

Span lets you see what's using energy and enables real-time controls to turn things on or off from anywhere.


Protect your home from power outages

Paired with a home battery, Span lets you prioritize what's most important to power and gives you visibility during outages.


Streamline your clean energy upgrades

Span readies your home for solar, storage, EV charging, and electrification upgrades so you can be clean-powered.


Prioritize your power

Set and update your battery backup priorities in real-time, choosing from Must Have, Nice to Have, Not Essential. 


Backup time remaining for outages

Span lets you see how much battery time is left during outages, so you can plan accordingly. Power what you want, when you want it.

Optimized home battery backup protection

Typical battery installations force you to make tough decisions on what you can power during an outage. Span lets you prioritize how you want to power your home during an outage, all based on backup priorities you choose and can change anytime.


Smart outage protection

Span automatically senses an outage, protects your home backup priorities, and sheds unnecessary loads to extend battery life.


Stay flexible and powered

Span can connect your battery to all your home loads so you don't have to hard-wire in your evolving energy needs as your life changes.


Transform your home with Span

Span combines intelligent hardware with an intuitive app that lets you take control of your priorities. Join us in the next generation of home energy.

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