Power your home with smart solar and storage!

Backup Power and Energy Management

SMA America is the world leader in energy storage technology and has more than 30-years of experience with battery and solar systems. Their German engineered products exceed the highest quality standards to ensure that your home's energy supply remains secure and uninterrupted for the long-term. So whether you're looking for peace of mind with whole home backup power, or home energy management to combat your utilities time-of-use pricing, SMA has the right solution for your home. 


Up-to 45% lower energy costs


Consume more solar power yourself by storing what you do not currently need


Use free solar power even when your PV system is not producing any electricity


Greater protection against rising energy prices

Whole Home Backup Power

Backup power provides a critical lifeline to families living in storm-prone regions, areas where natural disasters can occur and places where the electrical grid is simply unreliable. However, not all backup power systems offer the same level of quality and reliability. With SMA Energy System, you can rest assured your home's energy infrastructure will remain intact in the event of the unforeseeable.



  • AC-coupled for new solar systems or existing systems for retro-fitting.

  • Compatible with many leading high-voltage batteries.

Simple & Flexible

  • Multiple configuration options with the ability to expand.


  • High level of systems integration provides unmatched monitoring and control.

  • Three separate DC inputs allow for maximum power and energy capacity.

Multiple Use Cases

  • Backup power options for whole home or protected loads

  • Solutions for energy management, zero export, and demand charge avoidance (time-of-use).

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A Solution for Every Home

For more information on the SMA America Sunny Boy Storage solution with LG Chem RESU 10h batteries or BYD B-Box batteries, please contact Pacific Sun Technologies for a free energy management consultation.

What are time-of-use utility rates?

Many electric utilities have moved to a time-of-use rate structure. This means the price of power is high when demand is high - but it's not just the time of day impacting your power bill. The day of the week, and even the season, impacts pricing. Managing your power costs is complex because your home's solar system is producing the most energy during daytime periods of low demand when electricity is worth the least amount of money.

Typical time-of-use rate structure

Electricity costs more during times of peak demand, which is highest during the evening hours. This rate structure has an impact on both solar and solar plus battery storage systems.


Solar power only

Solar power can only be consumed as it's produced, otherwise it's fed back into the grid and you're credited for that power. However, the amount you're credited varies based on the time of day. Excess power generated by your solar system is worth less during times of lower demand. The solar energy production curve peaks mid-day when the cost of power is at its lowest. Solar production has often ceased in the evening when the cost of power is at its highest, so during peak times you'll purchase power from your utility when it's most expensive.


Solar power + battery storage

Adding battery storage allows you to offset the effects of time-of-use by maximizing your self-consumption. Power produced during the day is stored in batteries and used in the evening when the cost of power is at its peak. The value of battery storage can increase your home's annual energy cost savings by up-to 45% and decrease the payback period for your system by up-to 16%.