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Make your home energy smart.

Make the most informed decision.

We want to help you make the right choice when selecting energy improvements to have done to your home. Our detailed report rates each improvement on cost, savings and time to return your investment. We give you facts so you can select the best improvements to have done to your home.

  • Property Details

  • Thermostat Setpoints

  • Heating Systems

  • Cooling Systems

  • Duct Work

  • Appliances

  • Lighting

  • Doors

  • Walls

  • Attic

  • Insulation

  • Windows

  • Weatherization

  • Hot Water

  • Pools & Hot Tubs

  • Electrical Panel

We have the knowledge and experience.

The Building Performance Institute sets nationally recognized standards for home performance contractors. Companies who obtain BPI certification are trained to meet even the most difficult problems encountered in the industry head-on and with accurate solutions. We've passed both written and field examinations meeting stringent guidelines.

Power is knowledge.

Don't make the mistake of going solar before having an energy audit performed on your home. We provide an Advance Home Energy Audit to help you understand exactly what improvements should be made to your home before going solar. 


"Pacific Sun is a wonderful company! Dale was so informative and never 'pushed' a sale on us, which I appreciate! He was always there to answer any questions we had and his team of installers were timely, neat and we hardly knew they were there! Would highly recommend this company! Honest, ethical and always very friendly!"

- Customer Review on Yelp

See what's up.
Know what's on.

See how much electricity you're using, what time your kids got home, or when the garage door opens. Our energy monitor identifies patterns in your energy use to help your family be more efficient, informed, and secure.

Track energy use over time

Set goals and monitor your progress through the month to make sure you stay on track.

Set device-level notifications

Set alerts for when the garage door opens, the pool pump turns on, or when the dryer's done.

Identify sources of energy waste

Find energy hogs, identify vampire loads, and see how much they're costing you.

Keep tabs on your home

Stay safe and secure by checking if the oven was left on, or the iron got unplugged.

Money back guarantee.

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If we're unable to reduce your electric bill after installing our energy monitor and providing you with an advance energy audit report. We'll refund you the full amount.

Shaping the future of home energy.

Our energy audit process is unlike any other. We provide a revolutionary product and professional service because we take pride in helping you become more energy efficient, and stay energy efficient.

Get the process started today.



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