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Residential Solar Installation


Power your home with a solar system and sell the excess energy to the utility company for credits.


Be prepared during an emergency and continue to power your home the sun and a battery.


Use the power of the sun during the day and store the excess energy for night-time or power-outages.




Premium Solar System

If your goal is to eliminate your rising utility cost then a quality solar system from Pacific Sun Technologies can help you achieve that. We offer only the best products on the market that feature a 25-year warranty so you can have a worry-free and maintenance-free renewable energy source.

In-House Installation
We thrive at providing you with the best experience and that includes in-house installation. Pacific Sun Technologies provides on going training and certification for its employees.

Financing Available
Through partnerships with trusted lenders, Pacific Sun Technologies offers a selection of financing options. You can choose to pay your system off quickly or have a low monthly payment, we can help you explore options that fit your budget.

Industry Leading Warranties
Pacific Sun Technologies stands behind every solar energy system with an impressive 25-year warranty on solar panels, inverters and workmanship.


Solar plus Battery Backup

Powering your home with the sun can save you money but did you know a battery backup system you can extend your renewable energy efforts into the night by allowing you to store the excess power your solar system produces? Your home can also act independent from the grid during a power-outage. 

Enphase Energy
You may be familiar with their micro-inverters but this manufacture also offers a scalable battery solution that can grow with you as your energy demands change.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage
The SMA America inverter has been precisely engineered to serve as the intelligent interface between PV, the electrical gird and industry-leading batteries from BYD.

Sonnen Battery
Born from German engineering and combined with American ingenuity. Offering homeowners an all-in-one solution that uses only the best technology on the market.

Generac PWRcell
Multi-day power outages are no problem for this solar system. Utilizing up-to 34kWh of Panasonic batteries you can grow your solar and your storage for emergencies.

The most affordable solar panel manufacturer in America has developed an affordable home energy storage solution offering up-to 18.9kWh of emergency backup energy.

SolarEdge Energy Hub
Two manufactures working together to provide an affordable solar plus storage solution. This product is ideal for time-of-use and emergency backup power.


Whole Home Battery Backup

Protect your home from blackouts by adding a battery backup system to your existing solar system. We want to help keep your family protected with a battery storage solution you can rely on. You can generate, store, and manage your clean energy system all from the palm of your hands.

Sonnen Battery
If you're wanting a whole home backup solution to be paired with your solar system then you'll be pleased with this German engineered solution offering up-to 20kWh of power.

Proven Home Battery Technology
Pacific Sun Technologies has partnered with Sonnen to offer customers a battery solution that can be integrated into almost any existing solar energy system. Using lithium-iron phosphate batteries produce by Sony this battery system is able to provide over 10,000 cycles of energy or 42-years before the cells begin to degrade unlike lithium-ion.

Financially Stable Company
Sonnen was acquired by Shell in 2019 under a new sub-division Shell New Energies with the focus on expanding into renewable energies for residential and commercial applications. The coming together of Sonnen and Shell New Energies ensures the longevity of the product for years to come giving peace of mind that your battery will work when you need it to. 

Home Automation Available
You can choose between two versions of this home battery system and size it to meet your homes energy needs. The eco is the smart unit offering advance backup power by utilizing predictive technology to ensure you're never without power. The exoLinx can be combined with an energy management system that gives you full control of your home and how the energy is consumed within it. Both the eco and ecoLinx offer up-to 20kWh of stored energy.