Have power during the utility grid outage!

A Modular Energy Storage Solution

The Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G1 energy storage solution offers scalable storage capacity from 4.5kWh to up-to 18.9kWh and comes in a modular design for easy and inexpensive expansions. The system is offered in both DC-coupled and AC-coupled configurations and can connect up-to three batteries in series using only one inverter and battery management system. The system includes an integrated backup power function for 100% of the rated inverter output to support critical loads in the event of a power failure and offers remote monitoring using the Q.HOME+ ESS.

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Engineered in Germany

QCells run 3 to 4 times stricter quality management systems than their competitors. Q CELLS testing ensures outstanding durability and world-class performance even in the harshest conditions: strong winds, heavy snow loads, salt stress, aridity, high temperatures, or humidity. 


Nominal Power

Q CELLS HYB-G1 can output up-to 8.6kW of renewable energy during normal gird usage and up-to 7.5kW of continuous energy during an emergency backup situation.

Energy Capacity

The ability to start small with a 4.5kWh battery and grow up-to 18.9kWh means you won't be over paying for battery storage you don't need.

Solar + Storage Capability

Q CELLS Q.HOME+ ESS comes in a DC-coupled version for new solar system with storage and an AC-coupled version for existing solar systems looking to add battery backup. 

Suburban Family Home

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Your Advantages at a Glance

Thanks to Q CELLS Q.HOME+ Energy Storage Solution you can make the switch to a renewable energy source at an affordable price. From solar panel manufacturing to state-of-the-art battery and inverter technology Q CELLS innovating the future one solar plus storage system at a time. 

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Scalable solution for optimized consumption

Scalable storage capacity from 4.5kWh up-to 18.9kWh to suit your specific energy consumption.

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Durability and high cycle strength

High durability with 10-year product warranty and a performance to be maintained at least 80% of the initial battery capacity after 10-years. Very short recharge time and a high discharge depth.

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Smart design

Modular design for easy and inexpensive expansion, remote control operated system with lithium-ion battery and auto transformer.

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Cycle strength

high charging cycle strength, deep discharge and short charging times.

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Remote maintenance

Easy maintenance of the device due to early error detection function, web and mobile monitoring and reliable service network.

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Backup power function

Thanks to the integrated backup power function, even in the event of a power failure you can receive up-to 7.5kW continuous operation at the second output.

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Premium quality Samsung lithium-ion battery.