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Hassle-Free Quote Video Series

Our Hassle-Free Quote video series allows you to learn about Pacific Sun Technologies, the equipment we offer, our financing options, and the warranties we include with every solar system we install, all during your free-time. 



We recommend watching our Introduction video first, from there you can select any video you choose to learn about that topic.

When you've watched all the videos from the series and if you like what we have to offer, you can schedule a consultation to receive a customized quote for your home.


Solar Cost and Savings

When comparing solar companies, it can be easy to get confused because there are so many different sales approaches. We've done our best to simplify the information to what our customers focused on, system size, solar production, cost and savings. 

You can use the estimates provided in this video to compare with other solar companies.


Solar Panels

Not sure what solar panel is best or what the difference is between the hundreds of models and manufactures? We simplified it to the top 3 solar panels we sell, LG Solar, QCELLS, and Panasonic HIT. 

We talk about all three solar panels and give you a quick summary of what makes them a great solar panel for you to own. 


Solar Inverters

Can't decide on a solar inverter? Not to worry, in this video we discuss the pros and cons of a SolarEdge optimized string-inverter and an Enphase Energy micro-inverter system. 

But whichever option you choose you'll be receiving the best on the market because these two are tied for No. 1 solar inverter manufactures in the world. 


Battery Backup

Depending on your utility provider, you may want to consider a battery storage system for your home. We offer Generac PWRcell, LG Chem, Enphase Encharge, and Sonnen. Each has its own approach to time-of-use peak shaving and emergency backup power.  Remember you don't have to have a battery system to go solar, it's an optional add-on.



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