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Clean energy for your home

Have power during the utility grid outage!

Innovation, Power, and Clean Energy

Generac is dedicated to providing people with innovative and forward-thinking technology to power their homes. Generac, Pika Energy, and Neurio share a vision to develop groundbreaking technologies that modernize the way electricity is generated, stored, and used in homes. By combining Generac's expertise in power products manufacturing, Neurio's unprecedented insight into home energy use, and Pika Energies expertise in solar storage, Generac can bring homeowners the first truly intelligent home energy management system.

Generac Home Energy Management

The Key Components of a Home Energy Management System

Clean and Simple Solar Energy

PWRcell is the foundation of elegant solutions to complex energy problems; today and tomorrow. Designed from the start to integrate solar and storage, this is a true, no-compromise device that provides more power, capacity and efficiency than others can offer.



Controls smart batteries to automatically and seamlessly protect homes from extended grid disruptions.


Manage your relationship with the utility and reduce your carbon footprint by producing and using energy locally.

Time if Use

Automatically reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of new time of use rate structures.

Zero Export

Produce and use your own solar energy even when net-metering or feed-in is not an option.

Get Through the Night on Battery Storage

Having a smart battery with enough power, capacity and capability to help save money through time of use programs and self supply, while also serving backup duty. If the battery is ever completely drained, it can restart the system using solar power alone, without the help of the grid. This capability cannot be replicated with AC coupled batteries.


Back-start capability and giant capacity for extend outages. Currently offering up-to 34kWh


Switch to 100% solar power when you install a Harbor Smart Battery with your PWRcell Inverter.

Time if Use

Automatically optimize your energy consumption and take advantage of new time of use rate structures.

Zero Export

Produce and use your own solar energy, even when net-metering or feed-in is not an option.


Take the first step today Request a Free Quote

Ready to learn more about how the PWRcell Energy Storage System can save you money on your monthly electric bill AND protect you and your family in the event of power outages? Request your free, no-obligation quote today. 

Eliminate Utility Bill Surprises

Increase your knowledge of past, present and future spending so that you can be aware of your energy habits to keep your energy bill low. The PWRview app gives you the tools you need to keep your spending in check using the detailed bill tracking, forecasting and history features.


Understand your bill history

Comprehension of your utility bill history can inform your future decisions. PWRview gives you a historical comparison so you can understand the impact of seasonality and time-of-use rates on your energy bills.


Set yourself an energy target

We're always using power, even when we're not at home. PWRview lets you know how much energy you are using when everything is "turned off". Want to reduce this number? Set yourself a target and keep yourself accountable for your energy usage.


Bill forecasting

Don't let your energy bill surprise you at the end of the month. With PWRviews intuitive bill forecasting, we take your previous energy usage data and use it to predict future energy bills. This way, you can get an idea of what your energy bill will look like before it's even out.

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