make your home always on

With storage, your home will still have power!

It's time to change how you think about your energy

Traditionally, when the grid goes down, you lose power - even if you have solar power.

Until now, thanks to Ensemble energy management technology

Enphase Encharge Batteries

Designed to be completely worry-free

Enphase Autotransfer Switch

Automatic transfer to and from grid power

Enphase Encharge Batteries

Flexible storage options that can start small and grow

Enphase Micro-Inverter System

Redundant systems eliminate any single point of failure

Enphase Warranty

One system, one manufacturer, one warranty

When you need it most

Your home receives uninterrupted power whether the grid is up or down. Your life remains uninterrupted through natural disasters and utility shutdowns.

Ensemble energy management technology

Your Energy. Your Choice. Always On.

Avoid blackouts with Ensemble Technology

This five minute animated video walks you through the features, benefits, and sub-components that make up the Ensemble Technology.

Frequently asked questions

Will my Ensemble™ energy management technology system automatically switch to backup during grid outage?

Yes! Ensemble energy management technology is an autonomous system that automatically detects grid outages and transitions your home to backup power.

Will my solar PV system continue to produce power when there is a grid outage?

Absolutely! Thanks to the Encharge™ storage system and Enpower™ smart switch, your solar PV system is capable of generating power and providing backup during grid outages.

Do I need to reduce my energy consumption during a grid outage?

We recommend that you manage your energy consumption during an outage in order to reserve power for the most essential items in your home. The Enphase Enlighten™ mobile app will provide you with real-time energy availability and consumption monitoring to help you manage your energy usage during an outage. Your authorized Enphase installer can help you with identifying the loads that need to be backed up and configuring the appropriate settings.

Is Ensemble™ energy management technology safe?

Yes! We have designed and developed Ensemble technology to be extremely safe. Batteries used in Encharge™ storage systems are based on LFP chemistry (also known as lithium iron phosphate). Ensemble technology is an AC-coupled solution, which is inherently safer than high-voltage DC products

Where are Ensemble™ energy management technology system components typically installed?

Components can be installed in your garage, basement or on the outside of your home, depending on various factors. Your authorized Enphase installer will help determine the best location in your home.

Does an Ensemble™ energy management system require any regular maintenance?

Unlike generators that require routine maintenance, Ensemble technology systems do not require regular maintenance.

What is the length of warranties for Ensemble™ energy management technology system components?

The Encharge™ storage system and Enpower™ smart switch are covered with a 10-year limited warranty. IQ™ microinverters are covered by a 25-year limited warranty. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that every product is manufactured and protected by a single company, Enphase.

I already have an Enphase solar PV system – can I upgrade to Ensemble™ energy management technology?

Yes! Ensemble technology is compatible with IQ 7™ and IQ 6™ series microinverters. M-series and S-series microinverters are not supported by Ensemble technology. We recommend upgrading unsupported inverters to Enphase IQ™ series microinverters. Contact Pacific Sun Technologies authorized Enphase rep at (951) 308-1800 ext 103 or Enphase customer service for more information about adding Ensemble technology to your existing system.